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Here are some of the amazing benefits that come with our yoga retreats: You will immerse yourself in a beautiful surrounding, disconnect from the daily world/stress and get back to the basics, take time for yourself and meet like-minded people, find what your life purpose is, discover or deepen your meditation and yoga practice, learn to be in the moment, breathe, relax, practice gratefulness, surround yourself with positive energy…

Each retreat is a unique experience. Come and enjoy with us!

Upcoming Retreats
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Borrego Springs
Oct 10-13, 2024 


4 Days/3 nights Retreat: 

Yoga - Meditation - Chanting 


Come Relax - Revitalize - Heal


Inspiring retreat in the stunning

Anza Borrego Desert at

La Casa del Zorro Resort and Spa,

Borrego Springs, California


Portugal 2025
May 5-11

7-day Yoga & Meditation Retreat


Stunning retreat in Portugal, at La Quinta da Conceição, just 30 minutes away from Lisbon airport.

A true hidden gem from 1715, with 16 newly restored bedrooms, historic living and dining spaces, beautiful gardens and a magnificent solar heated pool,sauna and spa are at your disposal, as well as extensive gardens, and 120 acres of cark oak forests and countryside. A genuine escape from the world.    


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Paul has been practicing Yoga & Meditation since early 90's.
After a successful career in the corporate world he started teaching Yoga & Meditation in 2004 in the Netherlands.
Paul Loves to share his enthusiasm for Yoga & Meditation with his students, and as a musician, he loves to lead Kirtan Chanting.


C.A. - Mexico

"SO blessed to be able to spend last weekend in Borrego Springs at the most incredible Yoga Retreat led by Paul Penners.

We were uplifted by the Kirtans, grounded by the meditation practices and blown away by the creative hatha yoga classes!" C.A.

R.B. - San Diego

Paul far exceeds western culture's image of a "yogi" - creates a depth of guidance unlike any mind/body experience I'd yet experienced; taking my practice to an unheard of level. Perhaps, one only found in the spiritual bastion of India. Be prepared to have your expectations trivialized

J.T. - Irvine

I recently had the pleasure of attending Paul’s 4-day yoga and meditation retreat at La Casa del Zorro. I cannot say enough about how deep into my yoga practice Paul led me.  He expertly shifted from intensely serious to lightheartedly funny. Experts to beginners would find this retreat very satisfying and educational, I loved it!

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